Q1. Why only 720p?
Ans: Because 720p resolution is not a bad quality and its enjoyable, also its a bit smaller size compared to 1080p. So its the best res for those who wants to keep a collection of Anime.
Update: From Fall 2021, we’re also distributing in 1080p resolution.
Q2. What is the best video player to watch Anime from our releases?
Ans: For mobile users (Android): MX Player Pro (Paid, hence no ads and few other features)/MX Player (Free, having annoying ads), KM Player. For PC users: KM Player, VLC.
Q3. What are WeB, Subbed, BD, DA?
Ans: WeB means those which are taken from online streaming sites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, HIDIVE etc.
Subbed means those which contains only single audio, i.e. the orginial language, and it has English subtitles.
BD means the Anime is taken from their Blu-Ray versions.
DA means Dual Audio. It contains both the original language audio along with English dubs.
We AnimeBrowse team mostly provide WeB and Subbed versions because we use to release Anime when they are airing.
Q4. How long will it take to get X episode of an Anime?
Ans: Is usually takes about 3 hours for us to release a weekly episode of an Anime. This is because we used to rip the videos from their respective streaming sites, get the subtitles from sources like SubsPlease/BullySubs/Erai-raws etc. and finally encode the ripped video with the subs into smaller size and upload them to our cloud drives and share them on our website. So the whole process usually takes about 2-3 hours. But sometimes due to personal life it maybe get delayed.
Update: From Fall 2021, we maybe a bit late. Expected time will be from 8 hours to even 3 days after the episode release.
Q5. How do we manage all the costs?
Ans: Well, at present we are providing you free Anime from our own pocket. Our costs includes subscription for the steaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, HIDIVE, VRV, Amazon Prime to get the Anime. VPN cost. Cloudflare cost. Server cost for our DDL and backups. So it takes a total of about $115/mo from our pocket for maintaining our service and to provide you the latest Anime for free. But we have very limited money and will soon be out of money to pay for the services, we don’t want to die so early 🙁
So we request you for donations so that we can always be alive and continue to provide our services 🙂 For donations click HERE.
Q6. Why our website is so long?
Ans: Our website, animebrowse.anidex.moe has reduced our domain and web hosting cost. Thanks to MangaDex Hosting (or AniDex, whichever you’re known to) for providing us this website and hosting.
But if we get enough donations from you all, we will be switching to our custom domain and hosting.
Q7. How much do we earn?
Ans: TBH, we don’t earn a penny and money goes out from our pocket for paying the services xD
Q8. How can you support us?
Ans: You can support us by donating, disabling ad-blockers from your browsers while downloading our Anime and finally sharing this website (Anime Browse) to all your Otaku friends.

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