We’re Back

Hello Meenna,
Few months ago we have decided to close our service due to lack of funds and had our last days during that time as things became very though for us to maintain and finally some months ago we had shut down our services, DDL was open to all on requesting through Email. We had announced in some places that if anyone wants to take our name AnimeBrowse/Anime Browse, they can contact us and take it after we change the names. Through that, one person named Knight Lite King contacted us and we had a deal of him acquiring our sites and accounts and launch it with new plans of releasing Anime under his work group AnimeSub Network, a group which has many other services and hence me Anime Browse Sensei has retired from the site and gave the full ownership of everything related to Anime Browse to Knight Lite King and AnimeSub Network.
They have access to this site but it will no longer be used and we request everyone to check the new official site animebrowse.com and to check it regularly, the site is in development at present and will be launching soon.

We wish them good luck for their plans and a long life of Anime Browse.

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